At the conclusion of the pre-selections the jury chaired by Yeol Eum Son admitted the following candidates to the final rounds 2019 (alphabetical order):


Aumiller Jonas (Germany)

Belyavskiy Sergey (Russia)

Bertolazzi Giovanni (Italia)

Cafaro Nicolò Ferdinando (Italia)

Ghazi Mehdi Bilal (Canada/Algeria)

Ivanov Emanuil (Bulgaria)

Kong Qi (China)

Kozak Marek (Czech Republic)

Kuszlik Jakub (Poland)

Kuwahara Shiori (Japan)

Lazgiian Arina (Russia)

Lee Jin-Hyeon (South Korea)

Lee Shuan Hern (Australia)

Malinin Valentin (Russia)

Na Seung-Hyuk (South Korea)

Osokins Georgijs (Latvia)

Pan Linzi (China)

Park Jae Hong (South Korea)

Starikov Vitaly (Russia)

Wan Xiaoya (China)

Wang Deren (China)

Xu Zi (China)

Youn Jihyung (South Korea)

Yun Tony Siqi (Canada)

Zhou Weixin (China)

Gigashvili Giorgi (Georgia) (WFIMC prizewinner)

Shishkin Dmitry (Russia) (WFIMC prizewinner)


Anna Geniushene

Russian Federation

Born on the 1st January 1991 in Moscow, Anna Geniushene has commenced her Master of Arts degree at the Royal Academy of Music, studying under supervision of Professor Emeritus Christopher Elton. As the Royal Academy of Music scholar, Anna is generously supported by the ABRSM Scholarship as well as worldwide known organisation as English-Speaking Union. Her upcoming projects includes participation in the Finals of Feruccio Busoni Piano Competition (Bolzano, Italy, August, 2017), the one of the most prestigious competitions of present time, and Glasgow Piano Competition in Scotland (September, 2017). At the age of five, she began her piano studies at Shostakovich School of Music, where she was taught by Eleonora Tagusheva; then continued her education at Chopin College of Music, having studied there for 4 years with Irina Gabrielova. Anna has recently graduated from Moscow State Conservatory, where she made her Specialist degree under tuition of Professor Elena Kuznetsova. 
 Since the age of eight, Anna has been actively involved in the cultural life of Moscow: her early musical achievements included the Second Prize in the Schostakovich Music Competition (1998), as well as Grand-Prix in the Blütner International Competition (Russia, Kaliningrad, 2006). During the studying time, Anna became a prizewinner of many competitions, such as Schedrin Music Competition (1st Prize, Moscow, 2008), 14th Music Competition “Musika be sienu” (1st Prize, Lithuania, 2009), Romantic Music Festival for Young Musicians, (1st , Moscow, 2010), International Music Competition «Citta di Padova» (2nd , Italy, 2012) and Yudina International Music Competition (1st , Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2015). In May 2017 she has been awarded the Second prize at Mauro Monopoli Competition (Barletta, Italy) as well as the First Prize and Audience Prize at Sheepdrove Piano Competition (Newbury, UK). Anna is delighted to have featured several times in encyclopedia “A Talented Youth- the Future of Russia” (2010). She is devoted ambassador of Russian culture throughout the world: she represented the Moscow Conservatory at the Kyoto International Music Festival in Japan, 2014; then in the autumn of 2015, Anna became a soloist of Saint-Petersburg House of Music, having received an invitation to play several concerts throughout Russia. She regularly takes part in masterclasses and collaborates with such renowed artists as Ferenc Rados, Rita Wagner, Klaus Hellwig, Kirill Gerstein, Imogen Cooper, Pavel Nersessian, Aleksandr Rabinovitch, Aleksander Sandler , Haenk Gouttard, Steven Osborne, Wolfgang Redik. Anna has an extensive repertoire from Baroque to the present day; except solo, she is a keen to play chamber music with other musicians and enjoys creative collaboration with a variety of instrumentalists.