At the conclusion of the pre-selections the jury chaired by Yeol Eum Son admitted the following candidates to the final rounds 2019 (alphabetical order):


Aumiller Jonas (Germany)

Belyavskiy Sergey (Russia)

Bertolazzi Giovanni (Italia)

Cafaro Nicolò Ferdinando (Italia)

Ghazi Mehdi Bilal (Canada/Algeria)

Ivanov Emanuil (Bulgaria)

Kong Qi (China)

Kozak Marek (Czech Republic)

Kuszlik Jakub (Poland)

Kuwahara Shiori (Japan)

Lazgiian Arina (Russia)

Lee Jin-Hyeon (South Korea)

Lee Shuan Hern (Australia)

Malinin Valentin (Russia)

Na Seung-Hyuk (South Korea)

Osokins Georgijs (Latvia)

Pan Linzi (China)

Park Jae Hong (South Korea)

Starikov Vitaly (Russia)

Wan Xiaoya (China)

Wang Deren (China)

Xu Zi (China)

Youn Jihyung (South Korea)

Yun Tony Siqi (Canada)

Zhou Weixin (China)

Gigashvili Giorgi (Georgia) (WFIMC prizewinner)

Shishkin Dmitry (Russia) (WFIMC prizewinner)


EunSeong Kim

Korea, Republic of

EunSeong Kim started playing piano at the age of seven. After studying at Yewon Middle School, Seoul Arts High School, and Korea Arts Gifted Education Center, EunSeong enrolled in the second year of the Korea National University of Arts. He has won the Ewha Cultural Competition, the best of the 2011 Korea Youth Competition, and made his debut in the Kumho Gifted Artists Concert at Kumho Art Hall. He won the 7th Shinhan Music Prize, and has performed in concerts at the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin, the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, the Korea National University of Arts, and the TIMF Ensemble. EunSeong is considered to be a performer who is rich in expressive power, has a wealth of ideas, and is passionate. He has studied with pianist Kim Dae-jin at Korean Gifted Education Institute and currently works with Shon Min Soo, a pianist.