At the conclusion of the pre-selections the jury chaired by Yeol Eum Son admitted the following candidates to the final rounds 2019 (alphabetical order):


Aumiller Jonas (Germany)

Belyavskiy Sergey (Russia)

Bertolazzi Giovanni (Italia)

Cafaro Nicolò Ferdinando (Italia)

Ghazi Mehdi Bilal (Canada/Algeria)

Ivanov Emanuil (Bulgaria)

Kong Qi (China)

Kozak Marek (Czech Republic)

Kuszlik Jakub (Poland)

Kuwahara Shiori (Japan)

Lazgiian Arina (Russia)

Lee Jin-Hyeon (South Korea)

Lee Shuan Hern (Australia)

Malinin Valentin (Russia)

Na Seung-Hyuk (South Korea)

Osokins Georgijs (Latvia)

Pan Linzi (China)

Park Jae Hong (South Korea)

Starikov Vitaly (Russia)

Wan Xiaoya (China)

Wang Deren (China)

Xu Zi (China)

Youn Jihyung (South Korea)

Yun Tony Siqi (Canada)

Zhou Weixin (China)

Gigashvili Giorgi (Georgia) (WFIMC prizewinner)

Shishkin Dmitry (Russia) (WFIMC prizewinner)


Xingyu Lu


Xingyu Lu was born in China in 1999. He began to study the piano when he was 4 years-old and gave his debut recital in Beijing at the age of 10. When he was 9 years old, he began to study piano formally at the primary school associated with the Central Conservatory of Music in China, where his instructors were Chen Manchun and Zhou Guangren. During his study in Beijing between 2009-2012, he won a full scholarship from the Central Conservatory of Music each semester, and was consequently recommended admission to the middle school directly. In 2012 he went to America to study piano with a full scholarship. Currently he is studying for his bachelor's degree at the University for Music, Drama and Media in Hannover with Bernd Goetzke. In the course of his studies he has also given many recitals and performed in many concerts and festivals in China, the United States and Europe, in concerts halls such as Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, Oriental Art Center in Shanghai, Grand Theatre in Shandong, China, Sendesaal des NDR in Hannover, Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron) in Thessaloniki, Sundin Music Hall in MN, USA, Monumental Hall in Brescia, Italy, and many other concert halls. He also performed with the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonic and the "Mihail Jora" Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau. Xingyu has also been honored with many prizes. After winning the first gold medal in a national competition at the age of 5, he won the first and the special talent prize of "Jin-Kui-Hua" cup piano competition in 2010 (performed in the Shanghai EXPO); the first prize of Zhou Guangren Young Pianist Award in 2011; the third prize of Gina Bachauer Junior International Piano Competition in 2012; the first prize of M.N. USA Schubert Club Piano Competition in 2013; the first prize of YAMAHA Music Scholarship Competition in 2014 and received the first-class Scholarship; the second prize of Giorgos Thymis International Piano Competition, the first prize of International Piano Competition for the "Rotary-Jugend-Musikpreis" and the first prize of Città di Cantù International Piano and Orchestra Competition in 2017.