In memoriam Jörg Demus


"I do not have a career, I'm a person who had a life to live. I am leaving "careers" to other people. A career is like a racetrack for horses – I'm neither a horse nor am I running on a racetrack. I have my life to fulfil, and I still have not quite fulfilled it" Jörg Demus said in an interview with the weekly magazine FF in 2015. At that time, he was already 86 years old.


On April 16, a long life that was entirely dedicated to music was finally fulfilled and the great pianist, who won first prize in the Busoni Competition of 1956 and returned to Bolzano in 2014 as a soloist and in 2015 as jury president, passed away.

We remember one of the greatest representatives of his artistic generation.




Robert Schumann: Fantasie C-Major Op. 17


Original Recording at the Busoni Competition 1956