Orléans Concours International


Orléans Concours International selects a list of recent piano works for the semifinals of the 61st Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition 



Music is born free; winning freedom is its destiny.

Ferruccio Busoni, 1907


Throughout his lifetime, Ferruccio Busoni was a trailblazer – a pioneer in search of the new and the unexplored. In this sense he never viewed piano activity as an end in itself, but rather as a tool that furthers experimentation. The Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition not only affords contemporary music its due regard, but also selects its repertoire in keeping with Busoni’s penchant. Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the Orleans International Piano Competition, which dedicates itself with the utmost professionalism to contemporary piano music of the twentieth and twenty-first century, the 27 finalists of the 61st Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition will be able to choose from 13 new works for solo piano that offer a wide aesthetic variety and an array of technical challenges. Handling repertoire that embraces the many facets of that which is contemporary is a fundamental trait for any performer at the apex of his or her day. This collaboration with the Concours d'Orléans is an important first step towards this end.


Peter Paul Kainrath

Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Ferruccio Busoni 

Artistic Director



Piano in the XXI century


Orléans Concours International, a French institution founded by pianist Françoise Thinat and focusing on XX and XXI century works, has been selecting young talents accomplished in contemporary piano repertoire since 1994. Excellence and innovation are the values ​​that have always guided OCI’s artistic activities, which include the Concours International de Piano d'Orléans, the Brin d'herbe International Junior Piano Competition, the recording of numerous albums and the commissioning of new works by internationally renowned composers while simultaneously championing the works of emerging young composers. Likewise, OCI guides and supports its laureates as their careers evolve through concerts, master classes, exhibitions, conferences and events, all the while focusing on the piano repertoire from 1900 up the present day. Beginning with the very first Concours International de Piano d'Orléans in 1994, works by Xenakis, Ligeti and Messiaen have been performed side by side with those of Debussy, Casella and Fauré. The biennial competition is devoted wholly to the repertoire from 1900 to the present, with no aesthetic censorship whatsoever and with artistic quality as its sole aim. From its third occurrence forward, the competition has had the privilege of awarding a composition prize: the Prix André Chevillion–Yvonne Bonnaud. This prize, granted under the aegis of the Fondation de France, is awarded to a work by a candidate pianist who is also a composer or to an unpublished piece that has never been performed in public and was commissioned by the candidate to a pianist composer. The award was introduced in order to encourage artistic encounters and research within contemporary music, and to push our candidates to engage with the composers of today. The award immediately achieved distinction for its excellence, as evidenced by the first year recipient: Unsuk Chin, a Korean composer of great reputation, whose etudes now form an integral part of the repertoire for any pianist who addresses today’s music.


Due to its specificity in regards to contemporary repertoire, the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition has asked Orléans Concours International to create a selection of a short piano pieces, written between 2000 and 2016, to be integrated into its 61st competition program. This collaboration came about thanks to the World Federation of International Music Competitions, an institution that brings the world’s most prestigious competitions together and thus makes these exchanges possible. For logistical reasons, the list comprises works for acoustic, unprepared piano, without the aid of electronics; the works were selected from amongst those submitted to the competition in past years, those recorded and subsequently performed at concerts given by our laureates and those nominated for our Chevillion–Bonnaud composition prize. In our selection, we tried to provide a tableau as international and diverse as possible, which reflects today’s piano scene.



Isabella Vasilotta

Orléans Concours International

Artistic Director




(UK) Kenneth Hesketh: Three Japanese Miniatures (2002)

ca. 12 minutes.

Publisher: Schott Music

Chevillion–Bonnaud prize at the 5th Concours International de piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: Clare Hammond, piano – album: Horae (pro Clarae) – BIS RECORDS (2016)



(FRANCE) Gerard Pesson: Vexierbilder II (2003)

ca. 12 minutes.

Publisher: Lemoine

Recorded by: Hermann Kretschmar, piano



(GERMANY) Matthias Pintscher: On a clear day (2004)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: Uraufführung

Recorded by Andrew Zhou, laureate of the 11th Concours International de Piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: Andrew Zhou, piano – album: Vienne et après - TESSITURES (2013)



(RUSSIA) Vera Ivanova: After Touch (2005)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: Unpublished

Winner (tie) of the Prix Chevillion Bonnaud at the 8th Concours International de Piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: Mark Robson, piano



(ARGENTINA) Esteban Benzecry: Toccata Newen (2005)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: Filarmonica Music Publishing

Recorded by: Horacio Lavandera, piano



(UK) Christian Mason: Just as the Sun is Always (2006)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: Breitkopf

Recorded by: Joseph Huston, piano



(FRANCE) Jacques Lenot: Dramatis Personae (2007)

ca. 7 minutes.

Publisher: L'Oiseau Prophete

Recorded by: Winston Choi, piano – album: J. Lenot - Intégrale de l'oeuvre pour piano, INTRADA (2010)



(JAPAN) Dai Fujikura: Joule (2009)

ca. 10 minutes.

Publisher: Ricordi London

Recorded by: Sunwook Kim, piano



(USA) Adam Roberts: Lacuna (2010)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: Unpublished

Winner of the Prix Chevillion-Bonnaud at the Concours International de Piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: David Hughes



(CANADA / CHINA) Alice Ho: Aeon (2012)

ca. 8 minutes.

Publisher: CMC (Canadian Music Center)

Nomination Prix Chevillion–Bonnaud at the 10th Concours International de Piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: Claudia Chan, piano



(ITALY) Stefano Gervasoni: Prés, Book 3 (2014-15)

ca. 14 minutes.

Publisher: Suvini Zerboni

Recorded by: Franco Venturini



(FRANCE) Philippe Hersant: Le Carillon d'Orléans (2016)

ca. 14 minutes.

Publisher: Durand-Salabert-Eschig / Universal Music Publishing Classical

Commissioned by OCL for the final of the 12th Concours International de Piano d'Orléans

Recorded by: Marianna Abrahamyan, piano



(SPAIN) Hector Parra i Esteve: Cell (Arch for Hystérie) (2016)

ca. 9 minutes.

Publisher: Durand-Salabert-Eschig / Universal Music Publishing Classical

H. Parra will write this piece, commissioned for the 13th Concours International de Piano d'Orléans final Recorded by: José Menor