Votings - 60th Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition


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 Votings Solo Finals 2015  
 Votings First Round with Orchestra 2015   
 Votings Grand Finale 2015  




Prizes 2015



donated by the City of Bolzano

€ 22.000,00*


donated by Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse 

€ 10.000,00


donated by Banca Popolare dell'Alto Adige

€ 5.000,00


donated by Bolzano Tourist Board

€ 4.000,00


donated by Intesa Sanpaolo

€ 3.000,00


donated by Bolzano Fair

€ 2.500,00


*Im Falle einer einstimmigen Vergabe des Busoni Preisträgers wird der Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Preis zu Euro 5.000 vergeben, Dieser Sonderpreis wird von Intesa Sanpaolo gestiftet. 



Special Prizes



In addition to traditional cash prizes for the top six candidates, the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition Foundation awards several special prizes in collaboration with a number of concert bodies, cultural associations and affiliated foundations, including concerts at prestigious international musical institutions.


International Press Prize

Awarded by the Friends of the Busoni Competition

Euro 3,000.00*

The Friends of the Busoni Competition, an organization that is becoming ever more solid and active in bringing together a large number of the Bolzano competition's fans throughout the world, is particularly focused on promoting projects that are innovative and of primary importance to the competition.


So in addition to being at the forefront of hospitality for the candidates, this year the organization has also made possible the International Press Award, which the jury composed of the music world’s top experts will award during the Finalissima.


Special prize for best performance of a work for piano and orchestra by Ludwig van Beethoven

Awarded by the Rotary Club of Bolzano

Euro 3,000.00*

The Rotary Club of Bolzano strengthens its support for the Busoni Competition on the occasion of its 60th occurrence, bestowing this award on the best performer of the Beethoven concertos.



Audience Prize

Awarded by the Cassa di Risparmio Bank of Bolzano

Euro 3,000.00 *

The Cassa di Risparmio Bank, a longstanding partner of the Busoni Competition, gives this award as an expression of the audience’s democratic opinion. The Busoni Competition subscribers − attentive and experienced audience members for the participating candidates − are given the opportunity to express their views about who most deserves to receive First Prize through a ballot collected in the hall on the evening of the Finalissima.



Frederic Chopin Prize

Awarded by the Frederic Chopin Institute

Euro 3,000.00 *

The Frederic Chopin Institute in Warsaw honors the 60th occurrence of the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, with a special prize for the best interpretation of one or more works by Frederic Chopin, which will be freely chosen and performed during the 2015 finals. The prize, which has a value of 3,000 euro, also includes a debut concert at Frederic Chopin’s birthplace in Zelazowa Wola.



Special prize for the best interpretation of the Busoni composition

Awarded by the Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni in Empoli

Euro 1,500.00 *

Two different entities devoted to a single great composer! For years, the Centro studi musicali Ferruccio Busoni in Empoli, which has the common objective with our competition and festival to spread knowledge about Busoni and his work throughout Italy and abroad, is responsible for this prize, which consists of a debut concert valued at 1,500 euro in Empoli, the birthplace of Busoni.



Alice Tartarotti Prize

Awarded by the Alice Tartarotti Foundation

Euro 2,000.00 *

The Tartarotti Foundation, which supports music culture, awards a special prize to the winner, doubling it on the occasion of the 60th occurrence of the Ferruccio Busoni Piano Competition. This is as the result of a bequest from Alice Tartarotti, which was declared as her wish in the foundation’s statute.



Special prize for the interpretation of contemporary piano music

In keeping with the tendencies of Ferruccio Busoni himself, who always supported the contemporary music scene of his day, contemporary music plays a significant role in the competition’s finals: Thanks to the support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, in the last few years the Busoni Competition has commissioned new pieces from well-known composers such as Wolfgang Rihm, Stefano Gervasoni, Mauricio Sotelo, Mark André, Beat Furrer, Toshio Hosokawa, Brice Pauset, Bent Sørensen, Charles Wuorinen and Rebecca Saunders, from amongst which the candidates can freely choose one or more pieces for the solo final. The best interpretation of contemporary repertoire will be awarded at least one concert in one of the contemporary music scene’s major venues.



Haydn Prize

Awarded by the Haydn Orchestra

The Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento, a long-standing partner of the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, offers a special prize consisting of engaging the winner to perform a concerto for piano and orchestra by Josef Haydn. The Haydn Prize will be awarded and delivered by the orchestra members.



Keyboard Trust Career Development Prize

Awarded by the Keyboard Charitable Trust

Awarded to the winner of the Busoni Prize, the prize is a debut concert at Steinway Hall in London, including travel expenses and lodging. If the Busoni Prize is not awarded, the Keyboard Trust members have the option of choosing another candidate among the 27 competition participants.



Amadeus Prize

Awarded by Amadeus Magazine

The November 2016 edition of Amadeus magazine will dedicate a CD, the cover and a large section of its editorial content to the competition and its winner − kicking off a collaboration that will hopefully be enriching, long lasting and attain the heights of excellence.



* Note: Prizes are expressed as gross amounts, prior to any possible withholding taxes.



Concerts for the Busoni Prize


The winner of the Busoni Prize will have the opportunity to be hired by numerous concert bodies with which the Foundation has established close working relationships over the course of the years.